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Living in the vibrant multi-everything community that is the Institute 
of Neuroinformatics (INI), I hear and overhear many conversations and 
animated discussions, tutorials and debates, usually in groups and 
usually in a mood of positive energy, delight in sharing, and much 
laughter. These conversations happen in many places - in the INI itself 
and at various conferences and workshops that INI members are involved 
in organising. The conversations are mostly about aspects of the science 
we practice, but they also reflect wider concerns that include the 
humanities, academia, and society. Too often I wish I could have written 
notes on some of these discussions and their insights, but perhaps even 
better would be to communicate some of the content and flavour of these 
interactions more publicly. Hence this INI blog - to be written by 
members of INI from all corners of our community - students, group 
leaders, technical and administrative staff, perhaps even the professors 
- and who knows where it will go? Let the cameras roll!

Kevan Martin.

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